This was an altogether odd movie at first. It seemed natural while watching it, but the entire description is so odd. Well, I get ahead of myself. The movie is about this person who lives for over 400 years. He starts out as a man, then gets turned into a woman. It sounds very strange, but it's based on a novel by Virginia Woolf. The movie itself is very short, only about an hour and a half, but it's so well done, and so well played. Tilda Swinton is incredible. It's like this role was written for her. She has this amazing androgyny that makes this movie possible. The movie is laid out in chapters almost, starting with 'Death,' ending with 'Birth.' These chapters are different parts in the Saga of this person's life. My roommate says that things are much better explained in the book (which I haven't read), because it's all about thoughts and ideas, rather than the simple motions of life. But I rather liked the movie. It has amazing costumes, and the history surrounding Orlando is incredible.

A thinking movie. Not light and airy, but very good.

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