On A Clear Day

I really enjoyed this movie. It's by Focus Features, so I knew from the opening credits that it would be good. It's all about this Old-ish Guy who loses his job, supposedly because he's too pigheaded to pansy up to a new head boss at the shipyard. So in a moment of desperation, on a day boat-trip to France, he decides to swim the English Channel. There are other things going on, too. He apparently had a son who died very young, and relations are very tense between him and his remaining son. Meanwhile his wife wants to learn to drive a bus, and they're both keeping their respective secrets from each other. It's a real movie, slightly uplifting in that, 'you can do anything if you set your mind to it' way. The cast is really very good. Peter Mullan is fantastic, he does the desperate look so well, but can pull off the happy moments perfectly. Brenda Blethyn is always fabulous. Billy Boyd is completely hysterical.

It's a really great movie. I think I'll get it for my dad for Christmas...

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