New Goal

So I've come up with a new goal to post more frequently in this blog. I am insane in terms of when and where I work. Like Black Friday, I work at Costco until Midnight, and then I work on Saturday at Starbucks at 4:30 am. Then I supposedly work at 11:15 at Costco until after 7pm. So I have a feeling I'l be going to bed at like 8pm that night....

So I think I'm getting a thing for different guys at both of my work places. It's definitely a bad thing because workplace relationships are always a bad idea. There are a few different guys at both places which is the weird thing because usually I only focus on one guy. But it's all ok, because I won't date any of them. Because it's a bad idea. Really. (I'm trying to convince myself.)

Question of the Day: Have you ever dated someone at work? How did it turn out? (and yes I realize that's two questions, but the first one is a yes or no...)


BlueCoder said...

How else are you going to meet someone? There is work, mutual friends, bars, and strangers you meet in public.

Anonymous said...

My first serious relationship was with a girl I worked with. It worked out really well, for about a month. When she started getting attracted to a friend of mine... But they've been married for like 18 years now, so I guess it worked out for the best.

Actually, I kind of feel like Chuck in "Good Luck Chuck," almost all of the girls I've dated dumped me for their future spouse (okay, I dumped 1, but she married the next guy she dated, so...)