More Musings on Bond

I got to thinking earlier, this most recent Bond is number 21, so James bond is finally legal to drink. It's funny because the first one came out in like 1960 or something, so the movies themselves are like 46 years old, but now that there are 21 movies, Bond is finally legal to drink. So all this time, he's been Under-Age!!

Question of the Day: Do you ever notice how things are a hell of a lot funnier when you haven't slept?


Airencracken said...

Heh, I completely understand the sleep-deprivation/comedy link. ;D

Edgewalker said...

I agree as well the lack of sleep does wonders for terrible comics and late night sitcoms. :)

BTW, I'm looking for new blog buddies so I am passing by random blogs. I'll keep up on this blog simply because you obviously have a sense of humor. Feel free to drop by mine and either comment or criticize anything I write.