I have to say that I loved this movie. It was written by Neil Gaiman, whose work I love (I haven't read nearly enough of it), and it's all about this girl who was raised living in a Circus. Her mother gets sick after they fight and Helena (the girl) winds up in this dream world. She realizes that it's the world that she's been drawing and posting up on her walls, and she's traded places with the daughter of the evil queen. She has to find a charm to wake the Queen of Light to set everything to right. It's a very good story, and actually has a happy ending which not all of Gaiman's stories do. I have a collection of his short stories, and some of them end quite morbidly. The movie itself is quite a feast for your eyes because it's part live action, part animation, and part stop-action. The way that it's done is brilliant, and it was a movie I wanted to see strictly from a technical standpoint from the first time I heard about it. But it's really quite a good storyline as well. The acting is very good, I was well impressed with the people involved.

A delightful, slightly dark, 'not-quite-a-child-anymore' film.

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