So I'm really really really really excited because I finally have a woring laser disc player. Yeah, yeah, I know. LDs are an obsolete technology and all that jazz. But they are really such a better quality than DVDs even. Plus, the cases are like LPs and you can totally hang them on the wall and make it all pretty and stuff. My mom had originally shipped me the laser disc player that they had, but I think it got broken in shipment because it was seriously broken when it got here. The tray wouldn't even go in and out. So I took it someplace to get fixed and I had to pay $45 just to get it 'diagnosed.' Then, of course, they can't fix it because it's got like 3 things wrong with it, and they're not even sure they can get the parts for one of them, and it'll all cost me at least $200. Which I do not have.

So I started browsing cragslist (greatest site ever- if you haven't heard of it, you are in the stone ages of the internet.) and I found one. The guy had posted that and a VCR for $40 for the pair. Well, by the time I replied, he had already sold the VCR, so I wanted to check out the LD player. The funny thing is, his studio (he's a photographer) is literally around the corner from where I live. I walked over and we couldn't get it to work. It was crazy. the thing was totally fritzing. So I bought the 7 lasers he had for $1 each and he said he'd give mea call if he got it working. Well, this morning, I got a call saying that he got it working and so I got it from him for $20. I should have just binned the LD player my mom sent me from the start. But the LDs he gave me are freakin' awesome! I've now got Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, 8 1/2 and a bunch of other cool ones. I'm really excited. I now officially have a larger LD collection than a DVD collection.

It freaking rocks!!

Question of the Day: What obsolete technologies do you find cool?

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