The Fifth Element

This is another movie I really like. I think I've finally figured out my favorite kind of movie. A good action movie with a bit of romance thrown in. This one takes place about 300 years from now, and is all sci-fi. The premise is kinda complex if you try to explain it, but Milla Jovovich is apparently a perfect woman, a supreme being and the 'Fifth Element' in a weapon against an evil that pops up every 5000 years. There's more to it than that, but there's aliens and space travel and Chris Tucker being crazy and Bruce Willis being bad-ass. There's some crazy silly great quotes too.

It's a great movie, slightly cheesy, but still a lot of fun.

(So, I'm watching the Fact Track, and I just saw something I HAD to share: The McDonald's train the cops run into reads: 67 Trillion Served!)

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