Date Movie

This was an OK movie. I love Alyson Hannigan, but I don't think she quite works in this movie. I don't think she's quite believable as the fat chick to begin with. I'm sure Anna Ferris was probably supposed to be in it originally, but she had scheduling conflicts with Scary Movie 16 or whatever number they're up to. I have to think that Anna would have been a better choice for this one because she's got this wide-eyed innocent thing, where Alyson can totally do more devious easier. Being a redhead, I don't think she's really been able to truly pull off the innocent thing since the first 3 episodes of Buffy. Casting annoyances aside, some of the jokes were awesome. I loved the play on When Harry Met Sally, and the Paris Hilton hamburger thing, and the What Women Want Britney Spears thing was great. But there were some jokes that were over-done and played out. Like the When Harry Met Sally thing, it was actually longer than it needed to be.

Had funny bits, but it's kinda played out.

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