Casino Royale

Prepare yourself. I am about to wax poetic, or not so poetic, about this movie. I literally just finished watching it about half an hour ago, and I'm a little hyped up on sugar from Starbucks and the action from the movie. I loved it. I absolutely loved this movie. You can tell from the opening credits that it's different from the other recent Bond films. Chris Cornell wrote and sang the theme song and it's a completely different feeling than the other songs. The last one was done by Madonna, and it was all pop-y. This one is way darker and more rock, and that it the way the rest of the movie goes. This Bond, Daniel Craig, is amazing. Everyone was so upset about a blond Bond, about a guy who hadn't been in much, and I wholeheartedly approve of him. I liked him before, because he was great in Layer Cake, but he is so hardcore in this, and there's only one or two 'toys' in this movie. There's a portable defibrillator and a few tracking devices, and of course some cool phones, supplied by one of the few product placements. There's a scene in the beginning of the movie where Bond is chasing this guy who's played by a professional gazelle (and I mean the animal). Well, not really, but he's a free-runner or something like that, and they pull all these crazy stunts, and again, you can tell right from the beginning that it's a totally different kind of Bond. Plus the Bond girls are great. Eva Green is fantastic. She's the 'love interest' Bond-girl. She's a lot more interesting than a lot of the past Bond girls. She's smart and all of that. The other 2 girls don't get a lot of screen time, which is probably the only disappointment I had in the entire thing. But I don't see where it could have been slipped in. Paul Haggis, who wrote & directed Crash, did the re-write for this script. I loved it.

A hardcore, toy-free, shiny and new Bond. It makes me very happy.

Update 7/23/07: I own it now. Which makes me very happy...

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