Last night, before the movie, I had a soy Mocha. I'm working at Starbucks, so these things are cheaper than before. But I wanted a decaf, and I'm not entirely sure it was. I'm still kinda jittery from it. It's crazy. I was online here until 3am, doing some really random stuff, and then I went to bed and proceeded to wake up like 4 times. It's so funny. I work at a coffee place, but I can't handle the caffeine well. How's that for ironic?

So I'm still dwelling on the new Bond movie. It's so good. I was reading a few reviews, and I really like some of the things the critics are saying about it. To quote off of IMDb:
Chris Vognar observes in the Dallas Morning News: "Casino doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does spin the franchise in some gritty new directions. The characters seem less like props in an ongoing adolescent fantasy. The tone isn't as cute or vapid as most installments; it's actually a little sinister compared with any recent Bond. ... The movie feels both old and new. It is quietly, casually revisionist in its reinvention." Manohla Dargis in the New York Times underlines the difference: "Here what pops off the screen aren't the exploding orange fireballs that have long been a staple of the Bond films and have been taken to new pyrotechnic levels by Hollywood producers like Jerry Bruckheimer, but some sensational stunt work and a core seriousness. Successful franchises are always serious business, yet this is the first Bond film in a long while that feels as if it were made by people who realize they have to fight for audiences' attention, not just bank on it.

I am really very pleased by the reviews. I really, really enjoyed the movie. I think it might just be the first Bond movie I'll buy, unless someone decides to buy me one of those happy shiny Bond boxed sets for Christmas.

Question of the Day: Why haven't you seen Casino Royale yet? (or if you have, what did you think of it?)

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