American History X

This movie is seriously intense. I want to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this review: If you have problems with violence, don't see this movie. If you have problems with racism, don't go see this movie. If you are uncomfortable with the idea that supposedly good little white boys can be turned into neo-nazi rasict, super-violent rage-machines, don't see this movie. All that said, I think everyone who is older than 17 (it's rated R, and for good reason) should see this movie. Edward Norton is incredible. I hated him, and then I loved him. I felt for him, and thought he needed to whither and die. He is an amazing actor. Period. Edward Furlong is good too. He's very young, very high school, and kinda annoying, though I think that was the point. (For those of you who aren't experts in knowing what people have been in, he was John Connor in Terminator 2.) Basically what this movie is about is a Young man (Norton) goes to jail for 2 years and when he comes out, he tries to put his younger brother (Furlong) onto a different path. Both were the neo-Nazi, racist type before he went to jail, and the younger brother is getting more & more into it as the older is getting ready to get out of jail. The movie goes a little into the why and the how of the guys, but it's more of what's happened to the older brother and how it's affected the younger. It's completely brilliant.

I want to see it again, but I don't think I can handle the violence level for another year or more.

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