Wow, it's been over a month since I posted last, so by all rights, I should do a really long post to make up for it, but I'll probably just post a semi-long one tonight, and then do more tomorrow, because I'm sleepy. I had started another post on the 15th of last month, but because I didn't know what I could get sued for saying and what was ok, I didn't post it, I just saved it. I then forgot about it, and then rather than post it (since it wasn't complete anyway), I figure I can just re-type the paragraph that I had there.

So, waaaaaay back in August I auditioned for a game show. It airs on NBC at some point, though I don't know when. It was originally scheduled for this week, but I can't seem to figure out when it is going to air. Which is really disappointing. Which means I still can't talk about it or I could get sued, literally, for one million dollars!! No, I'm serious, that's what they made me sign. After I know it's aired, I'll talk more about the fun stuff that happened on set (if I can remember it by that point)....

So on the 25th I left for Argentina. Wait, I wasn't supposed to leave until the 31st, you say? Well, Michelle popped early, and it's a good thing. There were some complications brought on by her earlier pregnancy that I'm sure she wouldn't want me airing on my blog, and because of that I got on a flight almost a week early. Luckily, Bill had called in a favor so I had business class on the way down there and was able to sleep a bit. My downfall was the fact that they have these personal DVD players with Bose noise canceling headphones in business class. Made me really want to pay for the upgrade on the way home, but I'm broke.

Buenos Aires was awesome. It reminded me a lot of New York in some ways in that you don't necessarily need a car because there are so many cabs, and most stuff you really need is within walking distance anyway. But in many ways it was cleaner than New York because the pollution wasn't as think, although it was dirtier because the exhaust coming out of the vehicles there was much thicker.

At any rate, I didn't spend a ton of time outside exploring the sites and doing touristy things. I never did buy my postcards as I intended to. I spent the majority of my time with my godson Liam. He is 20 months now and handsome and smart, and he is going to be very dangerous to the ladies. Because Mommy (Michelle) had just disappeared (to have the baby) before I got there things were kind of in a turmoil. Bill was trying to multi-task and doing a good job, but really needed someone there to distract Liam. We all visited Mischa in the Hospital before she came home and we think Liam picked up a small bug because he caught a pretty bad case of diarrhea, which in turn gave him diaper rash.

I'll have to type more in the morning as this is turning out to be a soothing exercise and the lack of sleep is catching up to me. More later, I promise!

Question of the Day: Where did you take your last trip? (Another country? Another county?)

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