A Fifth of Wine

Ok, so I'm officially loving my new job. Yesterday, we went to the races at Santa Anita. We took a Hummer limo from work and drank Prosecco the entire way there, so we were all very happy by the time we got to the track. Once we got there, we met up with the people from the OC office. A few of us made bee lines for the bathrooms and then we went up to some kind of box or suite thing that had food and our wines and a bar. I was starved by that point because all I had eaten was Corn Flakes. So, I sat right away and ate some of the food, and let me tell you it was fantastic. We've got this Barolo from 2000 that's amazing that I had with roast beef and rosemary parmesan potatoes and carrots. Then I had 3 pieces of dessert with this amazing Vin Santo (which I had 3 glasses of).

I wound up betting on all but one of the races. And I bet twice on 2 of the races. I bet around $25 total on the 7 (of 8) races, and I won $5.20! I was so excited. I had had enough to drink that I didn't really care about losing more than I had won. But luckily I hadn't bet big. Over the course of the week we had raes of our own based on sales and such and I won around $240 that way. So, I came out ahead overall even though I lost at the races.

I just finished watching The Fifth Element. I don't know why I love that movie so much. It's really silly, but it's so colorful, and full of action and has some romance in it, I just love it. I bought it last weekend off the Used shelf at Suncoast. I got that and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Thinking about it they're very similar movies in theme. They're action movies with some romance. Although The Fifth Element has some sci-fi stuff going on, it's just flying cars and a few aliens. It's not really all-out sci-fi. It's more about the action than anything else.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite genre of movies?


Meridith said...

comedic romances... surprise surprise.

So... call me some time soon! I wanna talk to you... live!

BlueCoder said...

Doesn't surprise me. Cult hits are not revered for their perfection. The fifth element had style.