A Fifth of Wine

Ok, so I'm officially loving my new job. Yesterday, we went to the races at Santa Anita. We took a Hummer limo from work and drank Prosecco the entire way there, so we were all very happy by the time we got to the track. Once we got there, we met up with the people from the OC office. A few of us made bee lines for the bathrooms and then we went up to some kind of box or suite thing that had food and our wines and a bar. I was starved by that point because all I had eaten was Corn Flakes. So, I sat right away and ate some of the food, and let me tell you it was fantastic. We've got this Barolo from 2000 that's amazing that I had with roast beef and rosemary parmesan potatoes and carrots. Then I had 3 pieces of dessert with this amazing Vin Santo (which I had 3 glasses of).

I wound up betting on all but one of the races. And I bet twice on 2 of the races. I bet around $25 total on the 7 (of 8) races, and I won $5.20! I was so excited. I had had enough to drink that I didn't really care about losing more than I had won. But luckily I hadn't bet big. Over the course of the week we had raes of our own based on sales and such and I won around $240 that way. So, I came out ahead overall even though I lost at the races.

I just finished watching The Fifth Element. I don't know why I love that movie so much. It's really silly, but it's so colorful, and full of action and has some romance in it, I just love it. I bought it last weekend off the Used shelf at Suncoast. I got that and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Thinking about it they're very similar movies in theme. They're action movies with some romance. Although The Fifth Element has some sci-fi stuff going on, it's just flying cars and a few aliens. It's not really all-out sci-fi. It's more about the action than anything else.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite genre of movies?



So I subscribe to a newsletter called the DailyCandy. It's great. Every weekday, I get girly hints on where to shop in LA or online, Travel tips, new products, and all sorts of cool stuff. But I started laughing hysterically when I saw Betty Beauty. It's hair dye for your 'triangle' so-to-speak. I find this completely and utterly hysterical because not only is it pubic hair dye, but they have it in pink!! I'm laughing at this and I think everyone should know about it simply because I find it completely funny...

Question of the Day: Would you dye your 'rug' to match the 'curtains'?


Why am I Awake?

I don't know why I'm awake. It's 6:15 am, and I've been awake for an hour already. I finally just gave up and decided not to fight it anymore and just semi-get up. I'm not actually up yet because I'm not going to wash my face or get dressed or any of that until later. Just in case I do randomly decide I can sleep for another half hour somewhere in there. But I figured since I had used my computer in my room last night, and it was right next to my bed, all I had to do was reachh over and grab it to do some blogging. Clever of me, huh? I think some of this sleeplessness has to do with the coffee I had yesterday morning and the Barq's the night before. Caffeine does a real number on me and I'm a total spaz for going back to it at all.

I started a new job yesterday as a wine broker. We've got 2 weeks of training and then we can start actually selling stuff. It's great becausewe're getting paid a minimum, plus (when we get there) half commission, or the full commission, whichever is greater. So even starting here, I'm already making more than I was at Innovative, and nearly what I was at Independent. Then I'm going to be making commissions which always seems like a better idea to me. It seems like a real rewards system. Plus they've got benefits and vacation pay. I'm an actual employee rather than an independent contrator like I was with Vector/Cutco. It's really nice.

We spent all day yesterday learning about regional wines, and what different areas of wine grow and mean and how they classify quality. What a Left Bank Bordeaux means instead of a Right Bank. How German wines are harvested & labelled (very confusing). No wonder wine geeks are considered geeks: they have to know a lot. But we got to taste 3 wines yesterday, and we'll taste a 4th this morning for breakfast (she didn't want us getting right into our cars with wine freshly on our breaths). They were so all amazing and drinkable. Nothing like the swill you get off the shelf. There was a white from Germany, and I can't remember the whole name of it. German wines have 4 names: the town, the vineyard, the harvest and the varietal. The only part of this one that I can remember off the top of my head was that it was a Kabinett which means that it was part of the first harvest that season. But it was so smooth and crisp and when you drank it, it reminded me of apple honey. The second one we tasted was a French Red Burgundy. It was another very drinkable wine. My thing with reds is that I never like the first 3 sips until I get used to the tannins, then I generally like them. This one I liked a lot faster than that. It was a pretty lightweight red with some cherry in it. (I'm trying to keep the two reds seperate in my head and it's difficult when all three were between 1:30 and 4pm.) The third wine we tasted was an Italian Super-Tuscan, which means it's a Sangiovese and Cabernet blend, sometimes with something else thrown in. I think I remember this one having Cab Franc in it, as well, but I can't remember. This was one of those big, rich, tannic wines that kinda hits you when you first put it into your mouth. It's got subtleties that I couldn't pick up on (the others there were tasting & smelling tobacco, but I couldn't), but I got a lot of butterscotch and chocolate and green bell pepper. It was definitely something that would be better with food, but I really enjoyed it.

Now that I've rattled on about that for 20 minutes, how about I talk some more about my Argentina trip? I haven't really told anyone what happened or what's going on. I want to talk about it here, but I haven't had the time or the energy.

So where was I? So, Michelle came home from the hospital and I spent most of my time helping her. Bill needed sleep so he could work, so he slept in my room and I slept with Michelle and the baby the first few nights. I don't think I was much help because I slept like a rock and didn't wake up frequently to help her. Not that she really needed my help after the first night, she just really needed to become accustomed to getting the baby in and out of the crib and breastfeeding again.

Liam is learning how to get in and out of his own crib, and he's starting to sleep in a regular bed. Bill went out and bought rails for one of the twin beds and it's really cute because he was taking his naps there when I left.

The baby is perfectly adaorable. He's one of the quietest babies I've ever seen, too. He only cries when he's getting his diaper changed. I got to hold him quite a bit, and I've never really had the chance to hold a newborn like that, and something about it was very special. I had just picked him up and was holding him by the window and Michelle walked into the room and said that I looked like some kind of Madonna with the light behind me and this serene look on my face holding an infant. I was a little bowled over by that, but it was a great compliment, especially considering it's her son.

I didn't just do baby stuff while I was there. I did go out on two different occasions. Yes, I know, only two. I was thinking about going out more, but with the kids, and the fact that I wasn't paying for the trip, I didn't really feel I could. I went out the first time on a Wednesday to a place called the Musseum. It's in the oldest part of Buenos Aires, but I can't remember the name of the neighborhood. I went with the co-workers/students of a friend (Christina) of Bill & Mischa's. If that makes sense. But they picked me up and we went there, got a bit of food, and then drinks. It was a lot of fun. I had a bit of a hangover the next day from bad tequila, but that's to be expected. It wasn't exactly Patron.

The second night I went out with Christina's son & daughter. For some reason I was insanely tired that night so I went home early. But we went to a place in Palermo, that I can't remember the name. In terms of atmosphere I liked the first place better I think simply because I think I like clubs better than bars. Especially when the bar has such loud music, it entirely defeats the purpose of being a bar and being able to talk to one another. So if the music is too loud to talk, then you may as well go to a dance place. At least that's my opinion.

Well, I think I'm done. I got distracted when I said Patron, and am now playing around with their website, which is really cool. They've got this thing that will mix you a drink based on what you like and what answers you give. I got this rum drink that sounds incredible, and I really want to try it...

Question of the Day: What kind of wine do you like?



Wow, it's been over a month since I posted last, so by all rights, I should do a really long post to make up for it, but I'll probably just post a semi-long one tonight, and then do more tomorrow, because I'm sleepy. I had started another post on the 15th of last month, but because I didn't know what I could get sued for saying and what was ok, I didn't post it, I just saved it. I then forgot about it, and then rather than post it (since it wasn't complete anyway), I figure I can just re-type the paragraph that I had there.

So, waaaaaay back in August I auditioned for a game show. It airs on NBC at some point, though I don't know when. It was originally scheduled for this week, but I can't seem to figure out when it is going to air. Which is really disappointing. Which means I still can't talk about it or I could get sued, literally, for one million dollars!! No, I'm serious, that's what they made me sign. After I know it's aired, I'll talk more about the fun stuff that happened on set (if I can remember it by that point)....

So on the 25th I left for Argentina. Wait, I wasn't supposed to leave until the 31st, you say? Well, Michelle popped early, and it's a good thing. There were some complications brought on by her earlier pregnancy that I'm sure she wouldn't want me airing on my blog, and because of that I got on a flight almost a week early. Luckily, Bill had called in a favor so I had business class on the way down there and was able to sleep a bit. My downfall was the fact that they have these personal DVD players with Bose noise canceling headphones in business class. Made me really want to pay for the upgrade on the way home, but I'm broke.

Buenos Aires was awesome. It reminded me a lot of New York in some ways in that you don't necessarily need a car because there are so many cabs, and most stuff you really need is within walking distance anyway. But in many ways it was cleaner than New York because the pollution wasn't as think, although it was dirtier because the exhaust coming out of the vehicles there was much thicker.

At any rate, I didn't spend a ton of time outside exploring the sites and doing touristy things. I never did buy my postcards as I intended to. I spent the majority of my time with my godson Liam. He is 20 months now and handsome and smart, and he is going to be very dangerous to the ladies. Because Mommy (Michelle) had just disappeared (to have the baby) before I got there things were kind of in a turmoil. Bill was trying to multi-task and doing a good job, but really needed someone there to distract Liam. We all visited Mischa in the Hospital before she came home and we think Liam picked up a small bug because he caught a pretty bad case of diarrhea, which in turn gave him diaper rash.

I'll have to type more in the morning as this is turning out to be a soothing exercise and the lack of sleep is catching up to me. More later, I promise!

Question of the Day: Where did you take your last trip? (Another country? Another county?)