Valley of the Dolls

This movie was completely 60s colorful, singing, pill-popping, and wonderful. But you have to like that kind of thing... The movie centers around 3 women and their lives in show business. Neely does a super-speedy rise to fame and pops pills the whole way. She cleans up, then goes back to them when she can't handle the pressure. Anne falls for a rich scumbg who claims to love her and probably does, but isn't capable of treating her properly. And Jennifer is beautiful and marries a man with a mysterious disease and winds up doing French "Art" Films to support him in a hospital. They all wind up taking pills they call "Dolls" and it's quite a bit of social commentary about the price of fame and what things do to you. And this was back in the 60s.

I enjoyed it for the most part. It wasn't one I'd have chosen for myself, but it wasn't horrible.

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