Slightly Productive

I just finished painting the front door. I felt productive. I can't remember what all I've blogged about recently, and I'm too lazy to go back and read my previous entries at the moment, so I'm going to ramble on and on until I think I've covered everything. This might take a while, so be forewarned: unless I get bored, this is likely to be a long entry...

Yes, it's true, I quit another job. I'm no longer at the commercial production company. The official reason is because it's not where I wanted to be and no longer on the path I want to take in life, but in reality, my boss was really tough to work for. And since it isn't on the path I want to be on, it just wasn't worth it for me to stick around. Especially since Maria will probably be moving on to something else rather soon-ish, I didn't think it was fair to them to stay and then leave sooner rather than later.

So now I'm looking for another job. Fun, right? I've decided to get back to where I started. Back into advertising & marketing. I'd really like to do Key Art (Movie & TV advertising), but I know that's really really difficult to get into. I created a website using my student server with ads I designed so I could send that along with my resume. So far I haven't even gotten any interviews yet though. It sucks.

I finally broke down and submitted to a temp agency the other day. They also find permanent positions, which is the main reason I went with them. I'm hoping this will heelp, an this way I'm not going to be freaking out about money as much. Especially since I'm going to start tapping into my savings very very shortly.

The good thing (I guess) about being unemployed is that I've been getting more stuff done. Last week I went to Santa Barbara with Derrek who was visiting from Vermont. we stayed at Geoff & Rissa's. (I think I typed about this before...) But we went to Disney last weekend, which was some insane amount of fun.

The other thing that happened was that I auditioned for a game show. Did I tell you about this? I can't remember. That's the problem with trying to do a mass re-cap when the last time I wrote anything was when I had a migraine. I know I wrote about going to Buenos Aires, but I can't remember about the game show...

Well it's called 1 vs. 100 and I'm in the 100. Which is far less pressure. I'm looking forward to it. I really should brush up on my useless trivia. But hopefully I'll win lots of money and it'll be no problem anymore....

In other news, I posted a personals ad on craigslist, and I went out on one date. The guy was nice enough and we had a pretty good time, but I don't think it would work on more than a friend level. He hasn't called me since then, but I kinda ran out of there pretty quickly after the movie. I feel kinda bad.

Well, I think I've covered all the main points. Not in any depth, but at least I updated the few people who read this thing on what's going on...

Question of the Day: When was your last date?

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BlueCoder said...

I'm confused about the date. You ditched him after the movie... why would he call you back? You weren't interested in him as a friend or else you wouldn't have ditched him.

You didn't click and you didn't send this guy any mixed signals. You didn't waste more of his time or yours. What is there to feel bad about?

Just in case you didn't know. When you genuinely like a guy as a friend but you think he's interested in you, you hook him up with other girls. No matter if other dates don't work out... message sent!