just a short one

This will probably be a very short entry, simply because I currently have a migraine. However, I am waiting for someone to call me back before I can go to bed. Bill is supposed to call me in a few minutes to give me flight information because he is currently buying a ticket for me to go to Argentina to help out with the new baby. It's really exciting. I've got all sorts of people from the Rock calling me and interacting with me right now. Geoff & Rissa are here with Derrek, and we're all going to Disney tomorrow & Sunday. Ryan called their apartment while we were there (in Santa Barbara). Bill called me about a half hour ago to see if I was available to fly internationally. I talked to Max online the other day, although I kinda cut him off because I had to run and pick Derrek up from the airport. Plus I just got a friend request from Lee on Myspace, whom I haven't talked to since I left the Rock. It's all sorts of crazy, but I'm enjoying it.

So Bill & Mischa are having a boy now instead of a girl. Bill just told me. Apparently, they got the test wrong or something, but the baby is apparently a very proud little boy, not the girl they were told about. Which is semi-exciting because now they have 2 boys, or they will in another month.

In other news, I'm now unemployed again. I was working at the production company, and decided that it's really not where I need to be.

But there's the phone, i'll explain more when I don't have a migraine....

Question of the Day: How's your head feeling at the moment?

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