Garden State

This is a really fantastic movie. Zach Braff has his writing and directorial debut here, and he is simply wonderful. He plays this guy, Large, who's been in Hollywood for a while, but with the death of his mother, comes home to Jersey for the funeral. He's been desensitized to life by the pills he takes and the life he lives, but when he comes home he wakes up to everything again. This happens with the help of Natalie Portman's character who is a chronic liar. These two people have a chemistry on-screen that is fantastic. They work so well together. I would really love to see them together again in something. Peter Sarsgaard (whom I have a secret crush on) is really good as a very resourceful former co-student with Large. They basically wind up an an almost wild-goose chase.

A really great movie about geting older and figuring out what we were supposed to have done as opposed to we did do.

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