Batman Begins

I have to say that I completely love this movie. It's absolutely, without a doubt the best in the Batman series. I saw it twice in the theaters, both opening weekend. Granted I didn't pay either time, but still, you don't sit through a movie twice in one weekend, unless it's completely awesome! Christian Bale is the best Batman. He's young, he's fit. He doesn't have rubber nipples... He pulls off Bruce Wayne also. He's makes the character completely believable. Christopher Nolan as a director does the same. They don't give him any special powers, he's just real guy, who happens to dress up like a bat and fight crime. Which they explain! And it's funny the way they explain it. And I love that Gary Oldman is Seargent Gordon (to be comissioner eventually). He's fantastic!

Such a great movie...I can't wait for the next one!

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