Garden State

This is a really fantastic movie. Zach Braff has his writing and directorial debut here, and he is simply wonderful. He plays this guy, Large, who's been in Hollywood for a while, but with the death of his mother, comes home to Jersey for the funeral. He's been desensitized to life by the pills he takes and the life he lives, but when he comes home he wakes up to everything again. This happens with the help of Natalie Portman's character who is a chronic liar. These two people have a chemistry on-screen that is fantastic. They work so well together. I would really love to see them together again in something. Peter Sarsgaard (whom I have a secret crush on) is really good as a very resourceful former co-student with Large. They basically wind up an an almost wild-goose chase.

A really great movie about geting older and figuring out what we were supposed to have done as opposed to we did do.


Bend it Like Beckham

I do love British movies. This one is akin to English cotton candy, but it's so good because it's all fluffy and wonderful, and it still has Jonathan Rhys Myers in it. He's totally hot as the soccer, excuse me, football coach. Then Keira Knightly is here before Pirates, or Domino. She's totally quintessentially English Tomboy. It's so cute. Then the girl who plays Jess is Parminder Nagra, whom I didn't recognize, but apparently she was in Ella Enchanted. But she's very good. Completely believable as a tomboy, but still pretty enough to catch someone's eye. The story is basically that Jess is from a very traditional Indian family, and while she is a really amazing soccer, excuse me again, football player, they don't want her to have anything to do with it. But Jules (Keira Knightly) is a good/bad (depending on the way you look at it) influence and she follows her dreams and claims her independence, without rebelling too much.

All in all it's really well done because it doesn't encourage kids to rebel against the parents totally, but it does say: Do what you're good at and what you love.


Primal Fear

This was a pretty good movie. You can totally tell it was made 10 years ago, but it was still good. It has a pretty good cast. Richard Gere is great as a lawyer and I feel like this was part of his audition for Chicago. All he had to do for that was prove he could sing and dance, because he's obviously got the sharky lawyer thing down. Laura Linney is really good as the opposition. And Edward Norton is completely amazing as the Altar Boy/ Murder Suspect. Plus he's so cute, because he's so much younger in this movie. He was only 24 when this was released.

I love the twist at the end. But I'm not telling you what happens!


Much Ado About Nothing

I think that this and Midsummer are my favorite Shakespeare plays. And Kenneth Brannaugh is a wizard with Shakespeare. He and Emma Thompson are fabulous together. They've got an on-screen chemisty that totally works, and they don't stumble over the prose the way some people can. They understand it, and you just get it. There's no need to over analyze with these guys. They know what they're doing. And I love that Kate Beckinsale played Hero. She was so young in this. She wasn't even legal to drink! But I digress. I think this is the only movie I like Michael Keaton in. He bothers me for some reason in most things, but he's funny as a total greaseball in this.

A great Shakepeare movie. I love it.

Ghost World

I mostly enjoyed this movie. It's a cult-ish classic and I can see why. It's pretty good. These two girls, Rebecca & Enid are friends. They like making fun of people, even though they are the ones who are un-hip and slightly goth, etc. They basically maliciously make fun of everyone or everything they possibly can. At one point they play a really mean trick on a lonely man, played by Steve Buscemi. They follow him home and Enid strikes up a tentative friendship with him. They both mature in different directions at that point, and their friendship kinda crumbles.

It's a whole different kind of coming of age story...

Slightly Productive

I just finished painting the front door. I felt productive. I can't remember what all I've blogged about recently, and I'm too lazy to go back and read my previous entries at the moment, so I'm going to ramble on and on until I think I've covered everything. This might take a while, so be forewarned: unless I get bored, this is likely to be a long entry...

Yes, it's true, I quit another job. I'm no longer at the commercial production company. The official reason is because it's not where I wanted to be and no longer on the path I want to take in life, but in reality, my boss was really tough to work for. And since it isn't on the path I want to be on, it just wasn't worth it for me to stick around. Especially since Maria will probably be moving on to something else rather soon-ish, I didn't think it was fair to them to stay and then leave sooner rather than later.

So now I'm looking for another job. Fun, right? I've decided to get back to where I started. Back into advertising & marketing. I'd really like to do Key Art (Movie & TV advertising), but I know that's really really difficult to get into. I created a website using my student server with ads I designed so I could send that along with my resume. So far I haven't even gotten any interviews yet though. It sucks.

I finally broke down and submitted to a temp agency the other day. They also find permanent positions, which is the main reason I went with them. I'm hoping this will heelp, an this way I'm not going to be freaking out about money as much. Especially since I'm going to start tapping into my savings very very shortly.

The good thing (I guess) about being unemployed is that I've been getting more stuff done. Last week I went to Santa Barbara with Derrek who was visiting from Vermont. we stayed at Geoff & Rissa's. (I think I typed about this before...) But we went to Disney last weekend, which was some insane amount of fun.

The other thing that happened was that I auditioned for a game show. Did I tell you about this? I can't remember. That's the problem with trying to do a mass re-cap when the last time I wrote anything was when I had a migraine. I know I wrote about going to Buenos Aires, but I can't remember about the game show...

Well it's called 1 vs. 100 and I'm in the 100. Which is far less pressure. I'm looking forward to it. I really should brush up on my useless trivia. But hopefully I'll win lots of money and it'll be no problem anymore....

In other news, I posted a personals ad on craigslist, and I went out on one date. The guy was nice enough and we had a pretty good time, but I don't think it would work on more than a friend level. He hasn't called me since then, but I kinda ran out of there pretty quickly after the movie. I feel kinda bad.

Well, I think I've covered all the main points. Not in any depth, but at least I updated the few people who read this thing on what's going on...

Question of the Day: When was your last date?



This was a really good movie. It was a lot of fun, and apparently Woody Allen has returned to form. I love Hugh Jackman in everything he does. However, in this he was kinda generic. This role didn't need his expertise. It wasn't really juicy enough to warrant his supreme skills. And while I love Hugh Jackman, I don't think he was quite right for this role. Scarlett Johanssen, however, was perfect. She was slightly geeky, but beautiful. Woody Allen was great, bumbling, and slightly cowardly. Ian McShane is hysterical and completely believable as a dead reporter "jumping ship" (you'll understand what I mean within 10 minutes).

All-in-all a very good film. Not fantastic, but definitely good.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

While I enjoyed this movie, it wasn't finished. I know, I know, it's the second movie in a trilogy. There's another one coming. But it was two and a half hours essentially for nothing. Because there was little to no reason for this movie. (Except of course to make MASSIVE amounts of money.) Seriously, it was fun and there were fights and fun points and all of that, but they should have shortened it and finished the stinking thing in this movie, and then started an essentially new plotline in the next movie. They wrapped up the last movie in a bow for the most part and started a new adventure in this one, they should have done the same here. They could turn it into a whole series: like James Bond, but with Pirates and for a younger demographic. I'm not knocking the whole movie. It was a lot of fun. I liked the ghost thing, and the chick in the swamp, and the water wheel. It had a lot of great points. The last line of the movie was great too (which I'm NOT giving away).

But the movie should have ended sooner, and actually ended. Now everyone will have to go see the next one...

Batman Begins

I have to say that I completely love this movie. It's absolutely, without a doubt the best in the Batman series. I saw it twice in the theaters, both opening weekend. Granted I didn't pay either time, but still, you don't sit through a movie twice in one weekend, unless it's completely awesome! Christian Bale is the best Batman. He's young, he's fit. He doesn't have rubber nipples... He pulls off Bruce Wayne also. He's makes the character completely believable. Christopher Nolan as a director does the same. They don't give him any special powers, he's just real guy, who happens to dress up like a bat and fight crime. Which they explain! And it's funny the way they explain it. And I love that Gary Oldman is Seargent Gordon (to be comissioner eventually). He's fantastic!

Such a great movie...I can't wait for the next one!

Valley of the Dolls

This movie was completely 60s colorful, singing, pill-popping, and wonderful. But you have to like that kind of thing... The movie centers around 3 women and their lives in show business. Neely does a super-speedy rise to fame and pops pills the whole way. She cleans up, then goes back to them when she can't handle the pressure. Anne falls for a rich scumbg who claims to love her and probably does, but isn't capable of treating her properly. And Jennifer is beautiful and marries a man with a mysterious disease and winds up doing French "Art" Films to support him in a hospital. They all wind up taking pills they call "Dolls" and it's quite a bit of social commentary about the price of fame and what things do to you. And this was back in the 60s.

I enjoyed it for the most part. It wasn't one I'd have chosen for myself, but it wasn't horrible.


The Devil Wears Prada

This was such a fun movie! I really enjoyed it. Plus it hits really close to home for me. I know what it's like to work for a really strong, powerful woman. It's tough. But at the same time you learn a lot about yourself in the process. I learned that it's not for me. I don't have steel ovaries. At any rate, Anne Hathaway goes through another makeover (she does that so well) and then realizes that it wasn't what she wanted or needed to do. (Hence why I quit my last 2 jobs.)

It says a lot about what it's like to work as an assistant. In any industry.

Rory O'Shea Was Here

This was a great movie. James McAvoy is fantastic. He steals every scene, but that's kinda the point. Basically, Rory O'Shea and Michael Connolly are both in wheelchairs. Rory has use of his head and 2 fingers enabling him to use his wheelchair. Michael has more physical movement, but he can't talk as well. In fact, Michael is extremely difficult to understand, but Rory can and does translate for him. But Rory teaches Michael to live. Michael learns how to be free even though he's bound to his wheelchair.

It sounds all kinds of uplifting and corny, but it's really good, and sad at the end.

The Passenger

I was really bored watching this movie. And I have to admit, I didn't watch the whole thing. It was so slow and somewhat improbably in it's start that I just kinda gave up. I only watched about half of it, and I kept expecting it to get better and to pick up. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that it's an Italian film and it's more about the imagery and whatnot than the plot, but that doesn't make me like it any more.

Beautiful imagery and all of that, but really, really slow...


just a short one

This will probably be a very short entry, simply because I currently have a migraine. However, I am waiting for someone to call me back before I can go to bed. Bill is supposed to call me in a few minutes to give me flight information because he is currently buying a ticket for me to go to Argentina to help out with the new baby. It's really exciting. I've got all sorts of people from the Rock calling me and interacting with me right now. Geoff & Rissa are here with Derrek, and we're all going to Disney tomorrow & Sunday. Ryan called their apartment while we were there (in Santa Barbara). Bill called me about a half hour ago to see if I was available to fly internationally. I talked to Max online the other day, although I kinda cut him off because I had to run and pick Derrek up from the airport. Plus I just got a friend request from Lee on Myspace, whom I haven't talked to since I left the Rock. It's all sorts of crazy, but I'm enjoying it.

So Bill & Mischa are having a boy now instead of a girl. Bill just told me. Apparently, they got the test wrong or something, but the baby is apparently a very proud little boy, not the girl they were told about. Which is semi-exciting because now they have 2 boys, or they will in another month.

In other news, I'm now unemployed again. I was working at the production company, and decided that it's really not where I need to be.

But there's the phone, i'll explain more when I don't have a migraine....

Question of the Day: How's your head feeling at the moment?