Swimming with Sharks

This movie messed with my head a bit. Probably because I work in this industry and while I don't have a psychotic, demanding, demeaning boss, that demands unreasonable things from me, I do have a boss who expect things of me, and I get yelled at when I don't perform. That said, this movie scared the crap out of me because it was so close to what people can do when they snap. When one person takes too much crap from another. Oh and the way this movie was made was amazing. Kevin Spacey, as always, was amazing. Frank Whaley, I've never heard of, but he was good in this. I found him annoying in the way I find most young actors (John Cusack being the exception) from that era annoying, but he fits the role. I couldn't help think that his job would've been so much easier and more difficult today with computers, and a digital rolodex, or a palm pilot with all the phone numbers.

Scary in how true it could be.

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