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Ok, this is officially the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. It is actually motivating me to blog when not much else was. (I've been working on a lot of other crap.) I stumbled across this website while reading a news article about face recognition software & comparing yourself to what celeb you look like, and I thought this was more interesting as I've already compared myself on that website. (I don't look like anyone really. I got Ziyi Zhang and some Latina singer that's incredibly popular in Mexico or somewhere.) At any rate, the basic premise behind this is that you give it a song or an artist and it will create a radio station for you. You tell it what songs you like or don't like, and that radio station changes. I put in Muse, and it gave me Muse to start with (it doesn't always start with what you give it), then followed up with The Killers & The Statistics. I've never heard of The Statistics! But I like them now. They basically take things that are musically similar to whatever you give it. Muse is very melodically meandering phrasing with electric and acoustic instrumentation. Or so says Pandora. So it finds other songs (Songs, not artists) with the same traits, and lines them up for you. But it doesn't tell you what it's going to play next. It's all a big surprise. And if for whatever reson you don't like a song, you just give it the thumbs-down, and Pandora will take it into account. It's awesome!!

Question of the Day: What's your opening song?

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