New Jobs and Funky Smells

Wow. This has been a crazy week. At Innovative there was a period of training and getting to know how things worked before I was ever actually allowed to do anything. At this job, I'm kinda just thrown into things and if I don't know how to do something I have to ask. It's kinda awesome. My job description is a "Second Assistant." Which basically means I answer phones, rolls calls, put together projects, keep the office neat, and a whole lot of other stuff. I also maintain lists of calls that have come in. Next week, well, for the 3 days following the 4th of July, Maria, the First Assistant, is going out of town and I'll have to deal with all of it myself, which should be very interesting. I still don't know everything I need to, so I'm going to be calling her about 3-4 times a day with questions about what I should be doing. She said it was OK, so I will probably take advantage of that.

The funny thing about this week was that there were three birthdays in the office. So, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the end of the day all involved cake from Sweet Lady Jane (completely awesome) and some form of alchohol. Wednesday we had a Dulce de Leche cake with Tequila for Herb's birthday. Thursday we went to Violet and had dinner and red wine with a chocolate raspberry cake (and we didn't use forks which was very fun) for Andy's birthday. And Susanne's birthday is actually tomorrow, but because of the long weekend, we celebrated with a chocolate mocha praline cake and champagne on Friday. So much sugar this week. And more alchohol than I am used to.

One thing that went wrong this week was on Friday I went to get the champagne and went to Jamba Juice for lunch-stuff. I got an Orange juice for Maria and a smoothie for myself. I managed to get all the way back to the office without spilling the orange juice, and I knock it over with the champagne right as i get to the office and am getting out of the car. So, my car seriously smelled like @$$. It was completely nauseating. To make matters worse, I cleaned out my car so I could take it to get shampooed today and left the lights inside on overnight. I'm brilliant, I swear. The good thing was I called AAA, and the guy was here to jump my car 3 minutes after I got off the phone. 3 Minutes!! So I went and got my car cleaned and it cost me $29, including tip, to get the thing cleaned and just the carpets shampooed and it looks really good now. The floors are still wet, which is fine because he just finished them less than an hour ago. So my car no longer smells like rotting oranges. YAY!!

Question of the Day: What does your car smell like?

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