Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

This was such a great movie to watch on the 4th of July. It's very much an image of "America as it should be" with the underlying theme of "America as it is." Jimmy Stewart is always good, but he's particularly good as the 'boy wonder' senator appointed on a lark to get a controlled vote. But thing went awry wwhen he proposes a bill that goes directly opposite what he was put there to vote for. When his opposition tries to corrupt him, he stands firm, and then they try to ruin him with scandal he doesn't back down. It's so good because it's so essentially Jimmy Stewart. I was discussing it with Jessica and no one else could play that role because he is the everyman. Everyone wants to believe he could stand up to that kind of pressure. We all love him or want to be him. He's such a quintessential performer.

Jimmy Stewart is unstoppable. He's great. A political movie I actually like.

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