Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom

Of the 3 Indiana Jones movies, this is my least favorite. Probably because it shows that Indy is not infalliable. He falls, if only temporarily, to the evil guys, to their magic. Plus the chick in this movie is really annoying. I still can't figure out why he brings her along. I think he essentially kidnaps her because he thinks she's hot, and then she has to go along with it. I do love the inventive way they get out of the plane. And while I was watching it this time I noticed that there's always a vehicle chase. In the first one it was a truck, in this one it's a mining car, and in The Last Crusade it's motorcycles. It's inventive, but formulaic. Yet it works.

Once again Harrison Ford saves the day and wins the girl. No matter how whiny she is...

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