Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

And now for the final (so far) movie in the Indiana Jones series. I love that they're talking about making a 4th. I think it's great, but I just don't know what's going to happen with it. It's supposedly in pre-production and has a script that they finally like and all of that, but who knows? In this one, Indy's dad, a grail historian goes missing, so Indy has to go find him. They both sleep with the same girl (which I find funny, but with these two actors, eminently believable), but she's a slut and doesn't make it in the end, so it's all ok. I love that they explain his dislike of snakes and the scar on his chin at the beginning. (The Young Indy played by River Phoenix, of course.) And the hat. It's great. I think this is a fabulous movie and the trilogy as a whole while a little formulaic in plot and overreaching undertones and whatnot, is wonderful. No one delivers lines like Harrison Ford or Sean Connery. And they're great. The lines, if they had been done today would be considered dated and cheesy, but then, they were great because they hadn't already been used 500 times. And they're still funny!!

I love Indiana Jones. I guess it why I actually bought these movies rather than renting them for a change...

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