Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round

James Coburn Rules! This movie was complex and a little hard to follow at first, but slowly each thread they trailed out to you got wound up and got threaded into an intrcately woven masterpiece. I really enjoyed it. I got interrupted a few times, which made it harder to follow, so when you watch it, turn off your phone, get your snacks before hand and just sit and watch. It's a fairly straigtforward crime movie, however intricate. They don't tell you what their crime is until halfway into the movie. The plan is even harder to decipher. You don't learn that until the execution. I think that's why I like it so much. They don't tell you: "first we're going to do this, then we're going to do this, and your role is this." It's all understood between the characters, so they don't really discuss it. They don't need to.

A really solid movie with great acting and a bit of a twist at the end.

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