The Count of Monte Cristo

This is such a fun movie. I have to say first off though I have not read the book. I keep meaning to but I have not. It's so upsetting how he gets sent to prison and then tourtured for so long, but then he holds on to his hatred and it almost eats him alive. He learns to control it and use it to get him out. It's my understanding that it's ends somewhat differently than the book, but I like the way it ends. It wraps it all up nice & neat. Very American. It's funny because I've been watching so many foreign films that I can say that now. But I still like it. The acting in this is very tight. There are a lot of subtleties in the performances. Jim Caviezel is great although I still picture him in Passion of the Christ (which I haven't seen) and that's vaguely distracting. He's restrained and angry and really brilliant. There a subtlety around his eyes that makes it somehow vaguely believable that you wouldn't recognize him after 13 years, especially with the beard. If someone is very innocent and then gets betrayed and disappears for 13 years and comes back hiding half their face behind facial hair with a look of anger in their eyes you've never seen before, you probably wouldn't recognize them. He makes it work.

Fun movie, not amazing, but good. I really like the last fight scene.

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