I really like this movie. It's all about love and relationships and how things really work in this messed up society of ours. There's a bit of philosophy thrown in to keep it really interesting. I love how the story line twists around too. Boy meets girl, they start living together. Boy falls for another woman. Boy sets woman up (accidentally) with another man. Boy and woman start an affair. Boy and girl are still living together. Man and woman get married. Boy and woman leave their partners. Man and girl hook up. Man coerces woman back. Boy goes back to girl, but screws himself over once again, and loses her completely. Even broken down into plot points like that, it's oh so complicated. It's wonderful. But life is like that. It's never simple and clean. You never get a relationship tied up neatly with a little bow. The acting is superb in this as well. After the first time I Saw this I really didn't like Julia Roberts in that role, but this time (the second time) I realize that it's more her character than her. She's uptight and when she's cheated on someone, she's got certain mannerisms. Natalie Portman is fantastic in her role. She's so open and fresh and wonderful. I swear she gets all the really juicy roles for girls her age. (I love her in Garden State.) Jude Law is good. I won't say he's amazing, but he's good. He delivers a very solid performance. He over does it in one scene which is where he loses me. And Clive Owen is so good. I can't really expound upond that, he's just good.

All sorts of relationships and convoluted ties. Very watchable. I like that they talk about the sex, but you never see it on-screen.

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