I don't even know where to begin with this movie. It's so odd and good and creepy and real and bizarre and different. It's completely like looking through a magnifying glass or a microscope at someone's life. I think the reason for this is because there's no music anywhere in the film. Not in the opening credits, not in the closing credits. No one even listens to the radio. Plus all the acting is very real. Never once do you think, "She's a great actress," because you don't even notice it. It feels very voyeuristic. Then there's the subject of the movie. It's all about guilt and what you do as a child that has impacts on your life as an adult and how you carry that into adulthood. Whether you can brush it off and go on with your life or do you stall out, or do you blame others. We watched the interview with the director and it was incredible.

Wow. (Watch the interview on the DVD.)

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