Jessica is so proud of us for watching foreign films, but it's no hardship when they're as good as this one. 2046 is a sequel to In the Mood for Love, though only the guy from it is in it. Maggie Cheung makes a brief appearance, but it's irrelevant to the story line. Basically the movie is about the guy's relationship with several different women as a result of the relationship with the woman from the first movie. It's a bit crazy because he can never really love any of them because he's still completely in love with the first whom he can never have. There's one girl he says he falls for, but I don't think he really does because she's unattainable, she's safe for him to love because she loves another. There are some really great Chinese stars in this too. I just really love it. The story is simpler in the first one, but it's more intricately woven in this one. I'm hard pressed to say which I like better.

It's beautifully done, masterfully shot and the story is interesting. The interaction is simply beautiful.

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