This is a really good movie. Rather odd and a little uncomfortable in ways, but still really good. The reason I thought it was a little uncomfotable for me was because Ray (Steve Martin) is so much older than Mirabelle (Claire Danes). That touches something a little sensitive in me because my parents have such a large age gap and they have a lot of problems now because of my dad's health, although at the same time I find myself attracted to marginally older men (30-ish). But the story was beautiful, the acting was wonderful. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that Steve martin did the narration/ Voice Over. It was distracting and it didn't make sense for his character to be doing it. It should have been a different voice altogether, not his, not hers, but a new voice. Jeremy (Jason Schwartzmann) completely shines in this movie. He's so cute and such a combination of several of the guys I know. You can't help but love him. And his yoga tapes.

A very good movie. Mirabelle is great. Ray is sophisticated, but not creepy after a while. Jeremy is wonderful. The Yoga tapes are fantastic.

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