rantings of a sore yogi

You know what's upsetting? When you plan your day around sleeping in until noon, and then your internal body clock wakes you up at 9:15 am. I've got a barbeue/housewarming/birthday party thing to go to today and it starts at 12. I was plannng my whole day around that and sleeping in, and now it's thrown me off! I guess it's a silly thing to be upset about, but still. We didn't get home until 1-ish last night because we went to see X3. (Which I reviewed in my other blog.) and so I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I wanted. Plus our apartment is really hot because it's beginning to be summertime, so I kept waking up because of that, too.

Ok I think that's enough complaining. I'm just not sure what else to talk about today. I really enjoyed the movie last night. I could talk about that and what it was about. Tell everyone spoilers and all of that, but I don't feel like giving it all away. It's kinda like the Sixth Sense. Someone told me the end of it before I saw it, and it wasn't as good for me as it really could have been. I could tell that it would have been a great movie had someone not told me the end. I'm really glad no one told me the surprises and twists in the newest X-Men. I wouldn't have been as upset and surprised by them.

I did yoga yesterday (every Saturday now), and I am extremely sore now. I was fine for the most part yesterday, but after sleeping and whatnot, all of the muscles in my body ache. Especially my upper arms and shoulders and the backs of my legs. I need to find something to do to exercise during the middle of the week so I'm not just a bump on a log during that time. I keep thinking about buying roller skates (not blades), but I haven't really had time. My next door neighbor told me about a place down in Venice on Washington almost on the beach that sells skates. She got a pair there that she loves, so I've got to go down there and check it out. I found a few places online that appear to have good deals, but I refuse to buy shoes without being able to try them on first. I have feet issues. I've ranted on that topic before though...

Question of the Day: What was the last movie you saw that had a good twist?

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