The Pillow Book

This is an odd movie. It's rated NC-17 because there's a lot of nudity and sex and eroticism in it. The only reason I rented it was because Ewan McGregor was in it and there's a quote of him saying, "[My fans] say, 'I've seen Star Wars and Moulin Rouge!. What else should we try to see you in?' I always tell 'em to get The Pillow Book (1996). That would be a bit of an eye-opener for them, wouldn't it?" So I rented it. He's got full frontal nudity in it (and for that alone it was worht it), but it's an oddly beautiful an poetic movie. It's all about this woman who grew up with a writer for a father who would write on her face a blessing on her birthday, and she became obsessed with having her lovers write on her skin. Eventually, she changed positions and became the writer. The beginning is hard to get into because there are subtitles and it reads lists and unless you know what you are getting into it is very odd.

I cannot describe it more than that really: Oddly Beautiful.

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