Peaceful Warrior

I saw this movie last night with some of my friends and it was amazing. It hasn't gone into wide release yet and it's really really good. It's an inspirational film, but it doesn't lose the plot in the message. So many message movie get so wrapped up in the message that they get preachy. Nick Nolte was completely amazing in this. He was the perfect actor to get for that role. Basically the movie is about a gymnast who has an accident and then goes through a lot of stuff, but the accident doesn't happen right at the beginning like you expect. I totally expected it to be within the first 20 minutes. Instead it was probably about 1/3 to 1/2 way into the movie. And I actually really liked it there. It was comfortable there.

The message didn't dominate, but it's there: live in the now, don't worry about before, don't worry about later. There are no ordinary moments.

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