Change is a Wonderful thing!!

Wow, sooooo much has happened since my last post. It's amazing really. There was stuff I did write about because people at work have my blog address and I didn't want things getting out yet, but it's all been resolved, so now I can spill the beans: I got a new job! I'm excited because it pays quite a bit more, and I'll have a lot more creative freedom eventually. I'm going to be working for a production company that makes commercials with big name directors. I think that's all i'm going to say about it, because even during my interview the woman I'm going to be working for stressed about how private a lot of these people are. I can't really blame them because if I inadvertently type something here who knows what could be inferred or splashed across the front page of the National Enquirer? But I'm excited because I'm going to be meeting more people rather than just talking on the phone with them. Hopefully.

Thursday night I got a random phone call from a girl I knew when I was literally like 10 years old. I realy haven't seen her in about 11 or so years. Kea and her brother Kyle used to visit her grandparents who lived two doors down from me when I still lived in the San Francisco area. But she was coming to LA for another friend's graduation and since my mother had sent my new contact information to just about everyone she knows, Kea called me. I just about freaked out (half because I'm not old enough to have gone that long without seeing/hearing from someone). But we spent the day on Saturday together. We did lunch at La Dijonaise, then we walked into Culver City and wandered a bit after getting bakalava at Daphne's. There's a Thrift shop I officially love now because I got a pair of Coach boots for $6. I got a tweed blazer for $9, a red chinese print miniskirt for $4 and 5 tank-tops/sleeveless shirts for $1 each. I paid a total of $26 including tax. It was awesome. But we wandered around a bit more then we headed back to my place and her friends showed up. We went to Santa Monica for Dinner then the Laemmle's for Peaceful Warrior.

Sunday I bought a bike and had my oil changed in my car. I keep saying I'm going to buy a new car, that I hate this car. I do hate this car, but I think I'm officially going to surrender to the fact that my commute is nothing and it really doesn't make sense to buy something new until I actually have to drive the damn thing. So unless something amazing falls into my lap, I'm not going to go out of my way. Plus, getting a proper oil change really hlped the thing. It was apparently almost completely out of oil, which would explain the groaning, if not the shimmying. Plus they vacuumed it (EZ-Lube rocks!) and found my mom's American Express card which she had lost when she was here in March. Both she and I search that whole car and we couldn't find it, but they did. My new bike I truly love. It's one-speed, pedal brakes, and rather vintage looking. I bought it at Costco for $140. It's not too heavy, and it's really easy to ride. I love it. I rode it to the grocery store earlier this evening, and I think I spent 2 or 3 hours on it yesterday. I then read the entire book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and didn't go to sleep until about 1. Oops. That's why I'm sleepy now, and it's only 9:15 pm....

Question of the Day: What was the last book you stayed up past your bedtime to read?


Raphael Sisa said...

The last book I stayed up past my bedtime to read was Haruki Murakami's "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle's"

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Meridith said...

Nora Robert's 'Blue Dahlia'...again. I'm a romance novel fiend.
I stay up past my bed time for tons of books (especially the Harry Potter series and Nora Roberts!)

BlueCoder said...

Probably the Eragon dragon books. I am one of those people that are usually disappointed in movies. So when a movie comes out I'll just get the book. If the book wasn't good they wouldn't have made a movie about it. I prefer to wait until the movie comes out on DVD and even more so for it to go on Sale and actually buy it. Same price as seeing it in theaters. It's a true joy to actually find a good movie. For instance I was totally surprised by "V for Vendetta".