Tristan & Isolde

I was thoroughly surprised at this movie. We've had it for over a week, and it's just one of those movies that we had to be in the right frme of mind for. It's a 2 hour sad-ending love story set in the middle ages. It's quite a lot to prepare yourself for. But once we finally sat down and watched it, I was pleasantly surprised. The fight scenes were really good, and the casting was surprisingly good as well. James Franco is a much better actor than I gave him credit for (though I still haven't seen the James Dean Biopic that he did). And the people were completely credible as end of the roman empire beginning of the Dark ages people. No one had obviosly had plastic surgery. I think the girl who played Isolde had too obviously plucked her eyebrows, but all that hair made up for it. But the plot wasn't boring at all either. The characters do things a little stupidly, but that opinion is all based on today's standards. Back then he would have had to make the choice between her and his duties to his lord/king/father-person. The best shot though is when he's leaving Ireland and they're putting the boat out to sea and she turns to go back to shore and obviously thinks something like, "Oh, that's cold!" as she gets hit by a wave.

All-in-all a very good movie and very beautifully shot. Great fights, tasteful sex, I loved it.

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