The Squid & The Whale

I saw this movie the other night (I was too tired afterward to write about it), and all I can really say is that it is very odd. It's all about this family and how the parents get seperated and what happens to them. It starts out very normal looking, but the father is a writer and constantly spouting what most people know to be bullshit about books and life and other people. The only person who believes what he says is his older son who takes everything that comes out of his father's mouth as God's Gospel Truth, and then proceeds to repeat it whenever possible. Since his father is a writer he takes the older man's opinions on book reports and whatnot rather than actually reading the books, and when someone actually wants to discuss a book with him the results are somewhat uncomfortable. There are other things going on as well with the younger brother and the tennis pro and the mom, but I wouldn't want to spoil the whole thing for you, would I?

The whole movie is very odd because the acting is incredible and entirely believable, but the script is somewhat twisted. You keep thinking can they actually be like that? Does that happen?

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