Socially Retarded

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm socially retarded. I cannot relate to people my own age. It's completely freaking me out. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm an only child, and then my dad is 73. I've always been closest to my mother, rather than anyone my own age. I keep thinking that once I get to high school it'll change. Once I get into College, I'll be able to socialize more. Once I get out on my own, I'll be able to relate to people. Oops, there went all of those ideas. I don't keep up with music the way people my age do. The music I do listen to, is mostly enjoyed by people who smoke pot or sleep around. Most of the chicks are kinda slutty and/or skanky. And I don't say this to be derogatory, I just don't understand. I've never really been able to fully relate to anyone. I think that's where my love of travel comes in. Because I like discovering new people and looking for people who are so different from myself maybe I'll be able to relate to them on that level. I don't know.

Last night there was a going away party for Paul. I'll post the pictures as soon as I find the cable for my camera. It was a ton of fun except I kept feeling like people were watching & judging me. And then some huge guy came up to me, twice. The first time was while we were on the dance floor and he tried to dance with me but I just kind of pushed him away. The second time, we had migrated into the back room of the club/place we were in, and I was dancing, and he came up behind me said, "Now that's what I'm talking about," and grabbed my butt. I told him to back off, and he said, "Do you mind?" And I said "Yes, I mind." He finally backed off after one of the guys I was with came to my rescue at that point. Of course, I was so rattled at being groped that I couldn't dance for another 10 minutes...

Question of the Day: Have you ever been groped on the dance floor?

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wanderlusters said...

Yup! Another comment from Aunt Susan - I think the reason you were rattled was because you felt Powerless. You know that's the way some Guys try to gain control - by intimidation.

Get a Coach Whistle - wear it, take a Self Defense Course, tell People you have 6 Brothers(3 older, 3 younger)and they all live within an hour of You. Make up names, occupations - cop, fireman, soldier. What does it matter if it's not true? It'll help scare away the Pervs and empower You.

As far as fitting in I always thought you were socially advanced where You are already aware of some of the mistakes still to be made by your age Group. Enjoy the Role of being "The Wise One".

Have fun and feel good about yourself.