The Ringer

Very funny, very cute movie. You can really tell though that they toned some of the jokes in it down to suit the guys over at the Special Olympics though. I think it's hysterical that this movie was sponsored or suported by the Special Olymics, it's fantastic. But the jokes could have been way more out there, a lot more tasteless, and all of that. I still found the movie to be very funny. The whole reason they try to fix the Special Olymics is because Steve (Johnny Knoxville) is sent to fire the janitor, Stavi, but he can't actuallly do it. So instead he offer Stavi a better job mowing his lawn. Stavi manages to have an accident and Steve must dish out a massive amount of money for surgery.

The whole scheme was a little hare-braned, but the outcome all for the better. The jokes are silly but amusing, and I do love Johnny Knoxville. So it all works out in the end. A solidly silly & fun movie.

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