I enjoyed this movie. Jessica said she didn't like it because she had seen the play and that was so much beter, but plays and books are always different from a movie, they always change things because they have different resources different abilities. Anyway, I'm not sure Ms. Paltrow was believable as a math geek. I was totally into Jake Gyllenhal, but Gwynneth it too sexy for that role I think. Anthony Hopkins was fantastic as ever, and the woman who played the sister was perfectly cast: I hated her. She was so perfect for that role, she was superficial and vain and trying to get her sister to use special shampoo and go shopping when their father has just died, it's completely awful and I know people who would be like that.

Very good, but you have to at least have liked math in high school.

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RC said...

showed this to my film class...some (that hated math) had a hard time w/ the film...very play like...

hope davis was awesome...i wish she would have gotten more recognition for her great job.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com