The Prince & The Show Girl

Ok this is Marilyn Monroe & Lawrence Olivier: Can't miss, right? Eh. That's right, I said 'eh.' It's not a bad movie, it's just not a great wonderful Marilyn Monroe movie, like we all know and love. Some of my favorite movies have Marilyn Monroe, but this one, not so much. Her character spend very nearly the entire movie in the same dress and for apparently no good reason. Plus she isn't consistent. She's not smart, in fact in some ways she's downright dumb, playing up certain things, but in other ways, she is surprisingly intelligent (she speaks German?). And then Olivier's character is completely brash and almost mean and set in his ways, and somehow manages to fall for her at the last minute. It seems like a great movie, but the execution is slightly off somehow.

Final Verdict: Not quite up to normal par.

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