Yep, just "O." It's the movie based on Shakespeare's Othello, with Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett and Mekhi Phifer. It's actually very very good, and rather true to Shakespeare. Well, as true as it can be for being set in a modern day high school. Julia Stiles is a very talented young actress, but from what I'm seeing of her work, she's geting a bit typecast. She's playing a lot of the same part over and over again, which a pity, because she's got quite a bit of talent. I love Josh Hartnett. He's brilliant in this as Hugo, the scheming son of the basketball coach who sets everything in motion. Mekhi Phifer is really wonderful as well. You believe in him, and feel bad for him. I completely cried for him and for Desi at the end.

Once again the old Bard proves his relevance and canny in all periods. He's completely brilliant, and the story shines through. I can see why this version was so controversial though (drugs, steroids, guns, death, sex, rape, basketball, high school, etc.).

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