So, I came across "Misery" randomly on TV. I had heard of it because it's the movie that apparently made Kathy Bates' career, so I figured I'd watch it, "What the heck?" (I should tell you I really don't do well with horror movies.) At any rate, this movie has burned certain images into my brain for all time. If you've seen it, you probably know exactly which ones I'm talking about: the ones they should have edited on daytime TV. It's unbelievably freaky, because Annie (Bates) seems so normal until it gets into the movie. It's completely well acted on all sides.

The casting is amazing, and I was horrified enough to never want to sit through it again. (I know that sounds funny: "It was fabulous, but I never want to see it again!" But I don't do gruesome well....)

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