The Da Vinci Code

We saw this tonight, and it was good. I was a little disappointed though because it followed the book almost exactly. Tom Hanks never fully won me over as Robert Langdon. The character is rather Vanilla (as Jess calls him), so he didn't really have a chance to shine. The only real challenge in the role was to pull off being really smart, and claustrophobic, and those aren't challenges for Tom Hanks. The problem is, I can't think of anyone better in the role. The rest of the cast however was fantastic. Audrey Tatou was amazing, as usual, and Alfred Molina was solid, though his role was rather small. Paul Bettany's role was grusome but wonderful as a psychotic, fanatic albino. And Jean Reno was perfect for the hard French Cop. They changed very little, but wht they did chaged didn't need to, and they should have changed different things. They took out the love theme at the end which I really don't understand. It was in the book, it makes sense for the characters, and yet they take it out. It's not logical when so much of the time Hollywood adds illogical love to storylines. Some of the edits were choppy as well, I felt like we were waiting for lines a few times, and it could have been remedied easily with a slightly quicker edit.

Overall I liked it. It was watchable. It wasn't amazing, and it wasn't worth a repeat, but watchable. Definitely good if you're too lazy to read the book.

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