So I officially have to start looking into buying a car. Which totally sucks because I really don't know the first thing about car shopping. Max gave me this thing that he wrote about car shopping and buying and it's very informative, but it doesn't help me make any decisions. I have to decide what I want, how much I can spend, how much insurance will be and all of that. I'm hoping that my dad will help me out with the money thing, but it's doubtful, they totally have to pay for windows after the last hurricane still. I'm looking at the Scion xA, as my first choice I think. I'd totally love to get a Mini Cooper, but that's way out of my price range. I can't wait until they come out with a hybrid Mini. Those things will sell insanely, but BMW has yet to do any hybrids. Only Toyota and Honda have them I think, and Lexus has one, but that's owned by Toyota....

At any rate, I'm looking at the xA or the new Honda Fit. There's a few others, but I really like the Toyota name. They require far less maintenance than other cars. The only problem is that the xA's that I've found used are only like $2k less than the new ones. And at that price, I may as well get a new one and be able to get financing through my bank, have cheaper insurance and have a better warranty. I'll also have fewer repairs right away. So my life will be far easier for only like $2 grand more. I think that might be worth it in the long run. The car is only like $13.5 grand, plus any extras I might want. It's like another $800 or something if I want the automatic, but I think I want to learn how to drive a stick, that'll be fun (plus it's cheaper).

The thing with my current vehicle is that it's huge. It's a 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera or something like that, and it's like 3 feet longer than the VW I learned to drive on. So parallel parking is always an adventure (although I'm definitely getting better at it). But I just had to have the brakes fixed because they were groaning every time I came to a stop. What was apparently happening is that the brake fluid was leaking onto the brake shoes and causing the noise. it was only happening on one wheel really badly and just starting to happen on another wheel so the mechanic cleaned it all out and replaced the part that was causing the leak. I thought it would cost me upwards of $300 to fix, but it was $130. I was very pleased. He also said however that the motor mount was starting to sag and that is a very expensive repair (like $500 or more). So I'll trade it in while I can still get decent money on it, and get something new. The other advantage to buying new is that I can get more for my trade on new vs. used. (Or is it the other way around? I can't remember...)

Well, I'm getting tired, and I think this should be the end of my tirade about cars....

Question of the Day: What color are your socks?

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wanderlusters said...

Gotta Chime in on this one too. When I lived in NY I worked for Ford. Good Company. Good Vehicle. Look into leases. Very little down, maybe $1500. $350 a month or so (tax included)on a 3 year lease(you get more car for your money with a lease). And you can haggle when you make a lease deal the same as when you buy. Also, in 3 years you're going to want another new vehicle anyway, right? Be careful of you're mileage. You pay a penalty per mile for anything you go over your allotment, usually 15,000 miles a year is the norn. Research the different types of Leases - you do not want a Baloon Lease. A Car I could see you in that says Sporty, Smart Businesswoman is a Ford 500. My friend has a Silver one. It's really Classy and reasonably priced. It is big enough to take Clients out to Lunch comfortably. Be leary of Foreign. Look into Crash tests. If at all possible, insure your vehicle through your Parents address. L.A. is very expensive. Uncle Mark & I have made some great vehicle purchases over the years. The Salesmen/women we deal with never know my prior experience. It is a lot of fun. Do not ever be too anxious to obtain a vehicle from a dealer. Do not make a deal the first or second time you visit. Comparison shop and have fun! And lastly the best advice I could say is Buy American.