Being Sick Sucks

So I've been sick for the last few days, and I'm not even sure what it wrong with me. All I know is that when I stand up I get dizzy, or even when I stay standing too long. And when I move around too much, I get nauseous. I'm at work at the moment and there's only one other person here at the moment, everyone else is at lunch. It's a very slow day, and because I'm still dizzy and nauseous, I'll most likely go home after lunch. I'm getting slightly lightheaded, but I've been chowing down on saltines, so I don't throw up. I haven't yet, but that's not to say I won't. I probably shouldn't be driving, but how else am I supposed to get to work? I'm unsure of the bus, and where it goes and all that. It'd be easy enough to take, but I don't know where and what time. I should talk to Robert, he takes the bus and only lives a few blocks from me. I'm trying not to dwell on my nausea, but it's difficult. I feel kinda like I did after my gallbladder surgery when I'd ring the button and ask the nurse to give me more drugs to make the nausea go away, or the pain for that matter. That was when I found out that Morphine doesn't work on me. They gave me some, and I was still asking for them to give me something for pain, and they were like, "We just gave you something." And I said, "Well, it's not working." So they said, "We can't give you anything else for another 1/2 hour." Which really sucked, but luckily I was just coming out from anesthesia so I wasn't aware of everything yet.

Question of the Day: When was the last time you were sick, and how much did it suck?

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BlueCoder said...

I wonder if it was just phantom pain. You knew you should feel pain and you did. Never heard of anyone being unaffected by opiates. If it's really true then heroin and all the other hard drugs might not have any effect on you. Check it out, maybe you can patent your own genes and one day lead a cure for all the drug addicts in Hollyweird.

I'm writing this a year after you wrote it and last month I had what you currently have. I don't have to explain how bad it was I trust.