So today is my birthday, and I'm totally wiggin' out. I keep forgetting it's today because it's Sunday and Sundays are never completely coherent, because I'm in total denial that I have to go back to work tomorrow. That, of course, happens every sunday. So I'm home, alone on my birthday, and I'm perfectly happy. We did the drinking thing last night, so I don't feel the need to drink excessively. I'm sitting here watching the Rainmaker (awesome movie by the way) and drinking a Dr. Skipper (Safeway's generic Dr. Pepper). I'm going to do some baking later, but I have to get motivated to clean the dishes first. The cutting board and the bowl I use are both dirty. I think doing dishes is my least favorite chore out of everything. I can do laundry. I'll scrub the floors. I can clean the toilet. But I hate doing the dishes.

So I looked at two apartments today. They were both OK. The first one was in Palms and a nice place until I noticed that the guy I'd be rooming with slept on the floor in the living room. Plus the woman in the room now had filled it with incense. It'd be a nice place if I could have it on my own, but not with a 40-year-old guy sleeping in the open. It's the same problem I had with the one place in Santa Monica. The cool thing about it though was that while I was there another girl showed up to look at the place and she was really cool. She and I had so much in common!! I am so excited because I actually have a female friend now!! The second place I went to see was in a gated community that was awesome. It was a townhouse that had a tiny room on the lower floor. If the room had been bigger, I might have taken it simply because the house itself was beautiful and the neighborhood was awesome. It was $595 including utilities. The woman who was renting the place was so cute! She had to be about 4 foot 10, Japanese, and had a rather thick accent. I really liked her, I loved her place, and the community was great. The problem was that the room was miniscule. It was about the same size as my dorm room when I was up at Simon's Rock. I wouldn't mind that so much except for the fact that I've got a bookshelf that my dad built when he was younger and more spry. It wouldn't fit into that room and I really couldn't put it anywhere else. And at the rent she's charging, I couldn't store it. If I could part with it, or hadn't brought it with me, I would completely take that place.

The coolest thing though is that I got a call from Max today and he's giving me his apartment for my birthday!! Well, sorta. He and his wife are moving out at the end of the month. But there's an upstairs unit that's supposed to be leased for $1300, but it's sat empty for 3 months. So what I'm hoping to do is get into it at the rent he's currently paying without any turnover time. Which means basically that I'll get in there with the walls still painted the color he's got on the walls. There's no carpet: it's cement floors. Which is actually really cool, because they're painted, so I can paint them any color. I'm really excited. He's putting in notice that they're moving either today or tomorrow. So, I called the management/realtor who Max said takes care of the building, and I left a message. I didn't get an answer so I'm hoping I hear tomorrow, but if I don't, I'll call him on my lunch.

So, Discovery has a new TV series called "Perfect Disaster" and it's awesome. I'm watching it right now and they just had a rain of fish in Dallas, preceding a Super-Tornado that could form. I love the Discovery channel and all it's subsets. They're so cool. This particular show completely feeds people paranoia and fear of Mother Nature. It's awesome. Especially because it's all possible...

Question of the Day: How much trouble did you have in finding your current living space?


BlueCoder said...

Did you see the show about all the ways humans could go extinct or that all life on the planet would end?

I was surprised to learn how old faithful could blow up and destroy the world! Talk about scary.

Anonymous said...

Jessica was right. You do sound kinda dorky, but I think that's part of your overall charm.

Remember, life is like a story - you just happen to be writing yours down as it happens!