Waiting for Steve...

OK, so right now, I'm sitting here waiting for Steve to finish talking with his roommates back in New York so he can shower and then we can leave. We have to go to Home Depot and the grocery store for a few things, and I'd like to get out of here today, preferably before the sun goes down.

We've got to go to Home Depot because I've got a few pieces of furniture that I had made that didn't survive the move really well, although the table wasn't in the best of shape before the move. There's a shelf that needs to be fixed as well, but all it needs are some screws, longer ones than were in it previously.

I started making dinner earlier, because I needed to marinate the pork. The recipe says overnight, but anytime you marinate something, 6 hours doesn't make much more difference than 12, or vice versa. If I like this new recipe I'll post it to my recipe blog. I already made the barbeque sauce for the pork, and that is awesome. I love that, and I'll definitely post at least that much, but I may post the whole recipe, so I won't post it 'til I'm done tonight. I found the recipe at Food Network's website. It's an Emeril recipe.

Steve is finally done chatting with his friends, so I just have to wait for him to shower. He's being lazy about it too. Something about not being motivated to, unless he showers in the mornings. I shower at night to relax before I go to bed. It's nice, because I guess we don't have to fight over the shower at all this way. We may not even if I showered in the mornings because of different schedules, but it's nice not to have a conflict.

I start work tomorrow. I'm both looking forward to it, and dreading it. I'm dreading the commute more than anything. The job itself I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to be filling out paperwork, and hopefully getting started on fun stuff tomorrow. If I like it tomorrow, I'll call Abrams and tell them I've already gotten another position and won't be making it to my interview on the 16th. I can't really imagine not liking it, but I'd rather not burn my bridges before I've crossed them. I like keeping options open.

I think I will be going to bed early tonight. I was up so late last night watching part of the Olymics and working on a puzzle, I didn't get to bed until 2. That's not obscenely late for me, but considering how early I'll have to be getting up from now on.... Plus I'm strangely exhausted right now. I think I'm really wound up about tomorrow. I'm planning on taking public transportation, which is all sorts of crazy, I know. But I'd rather take it tomorrow and figure out where I can park and everything. Plus I won't have to deal with traffic and everything else. I will have to deal with changing busses twice, but I think (hope) I can handle that....

Well, Steve is out of the shower (finally!). So, more ramblings later!

Question of the Day: What was the last thing you bought at Home Depot?

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