New TVs are fun!

So I finally got a new TV today. The old one came with the apartment from the previous tennants. It was the crappiest thing ever. It only got one channel and even that didn't come in well. We got the WB and for some reason that only came in fuzzy. Because that TV wouldn;t tune in channel 3, which we needed to hook up the cable to it. So now I've got a beautiful 27" Samsung HDTV. It's a flat tube which means it's a flat screen, but it won't hang on the wall. It's a tube, but not curved. It's really pretty. But I got it for $100 off it's normal price too because it's got a crack in the plastic housing. So I was very happy, especially because it seems to work perfectly. But we're watching Dogma now.

You can't be anal retentive, if you don't have an anus.

Question of the Day: When did you buy your last TV?

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Anonymous said...

I got my Samsung flatscreen back in 2002. I also got it for $100 off because it was an out-of-the-box discount without remote. It's been working great for over 3 years! Gotta love the Nintendoesque on/off beeps.